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Methods of Iguana Control

To those people living in Florida, USA, they are highly familiar with the large population of Iguanas residing in the area. The people living in Florida usually share their homes with iguanas. Iguanas are reptiles that can grow up to six feet. The iguanas can also weigh as much as twenty pounds. Due to the rising numbers of Iguanas, people started viewing them as an environmental scourge. This is because they have led to some effects that are not taken lightly. Due to increased number of iguanas in Florida state it leads to rise of control of the iguanas. The FWC urged the people living in the Florida state to control the iguanas when the need arises. Be sure to see here!

People were given the mandate of killing the iguanas whenever possible. The FWC provided the rule. The FWC stands for Florida Wildlife Commission. The rules were later reviewed to killing the reptiles when the need arises. The reason the FWC gave the rule is that the Florida residents had given up in putting up with the increase of iguanas each day. This was found necessary since the Iguanas reptiles were seen to be distinctive. It is because they can destroy property like roofs, seawalls, roads, and even expensive landscapes. The Florida residents had undergone a great loss when the rule was not made. Discover more facts about pest control at

Some guidelines exist when it comes to the killing of iguanas. The guidelines state that the killing of the iguanas is considered not to be illegal. Since the killing of iguana is not unlawful, there is no need for a permit when it comes to killing them. The killing is legal as far as the killing happened in the property of the homeowner. However, since the killing is legal as far as it takes place in the private property, it becomes tricky when it comes to public places like in the parking lots.

The other guideline when it comes to the killing of iguanas is that the killing must happen humanely. For the killing of iguanas to happen humanely, it should be fast and painless. The methods at that have been legalized when it comes to the killing of iguanas include. Shooting the iguanas using a pellet gun and stubbing the iguanas in the brain. These methods have been discovered to be the fastest to kill the iguanas, and they are likely not to suffer. The other legal method of killing the iguanas is decapitating them.

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